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The Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD) holds a wide range of applicability to the interests of many helping professions, as well as parents of gifted children and gifted children themselves.  The theory encompasses all aspects of mental functioning, being, behaving, and becoming – thus it is viewed as a theory of personality development.

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  • As one anonymous delegate suggested, “It is a theory for any age and any wage.”

  • The Dabrowski Congress is an opportunity to join with our community of experts to learn what is uniquely applicable to each group or individual in attendance.

  • Attendees will gain a broader understanding of social and emotional development and unique combinations of personality traits.

  • Parents will learn to recognize how expressions of their child’s inner experience may manifest through emotions and social situations.

  • Teachers may find Dabrowski’s theory useful as a framework for understanding and explaining the developmental patterns and challenges that occur for students who are gifted.

  • TPD’s concept of developmental potential vis a vis the overexcitabilities is of particular relevance to educators and researchers in the fields of gifted education and moral leadership.

  • Counselors can examine the intensities and promote interventions that will enhance students’ positive characteristics while teaching them to compensate for the negative.

  • Dabrowski’s TPD is one lens that can assist therapists in gaining greater understanding of the experiences and needs of the gifted population as they may pertain to the counseling relationship.

  • Conference participants have the opportunity to reflect on moral values such as care, empathy and authenticity in discovering “Who the better me can be!”

  • A great opportunity to enjoy a few days of education and rejuvenation.