Below are some great links to other Dabrowski and Gifted websites.

  • Gifted Development Center: Link To Website 

  • World Council for Gifted and Talented: Link To Website 

  • 50 Essential Sites on Giftedness: Link To Website

  • Bill Tillier’s site: Link To Website

  • Article by Sal Mendaglio: Link To Website

  • Article by Elizabeth Mika: Link To Website

  • Article How Gifted Adolescents Make Judgments: Link To Website

  • Apex: New Zealand Journal of Gifted Education: Link To Website  

  • Website moderated by Nancy Bosch with resources for teachers, parents and kids: Link To Website

  • Stephanie Tolan (Is It a Cheetah? and more): Link To Website

  • Talent Development Resources (a network of sites moderated by Douglas Eby): Link To Website  

  • Philosophy for Children Alberta: Link To Website

  • Alberta Council for Exceptional Children (for all sorts of exceptional learners): Link To Website

  • New Brunswick Guide to Gifted Education (Dept of Ed): Link To Website

  • Rhode Island State Advisory on Gifted and Talented Education: Link To Website

  • SENG video (15 min) on the Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children: Link To Website

  • Search of American Counselling Association for gifted resources: Link To Website

  • Dr. Jennifer Katz – Universal Design for Learning and Gifted Education: Link To Website

  • Simon Fraser University (L. Kanevsky blog): Link To Website

  • Great Potential Press: Link To Website


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